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Hello, visitor!

Wallhalla (Wallpapers + Valhalla) is a wallpaper search engine designed to be fast, feature-rich and above all - useful. It constantly crawls publicly available websites and picks the best wallpapers for you.

Here are just some of the site features:

Advanced search and filter options like phrase matching, excluding, proximity matching, custom resolution, aspect-ratio etc...
Accurate search by color. Pick ANY color you like and get instant, exact results.
State of the art reverse image search. Select ANY image and get similar wallpapers and duplicates (members only).
Prefer darker wallpapers? No problem, just lower the luminosity (brightness) setting and hit apply.
Freely mix and combine all of the above search options to find exactly what you are looking for.
Discover even more awesome wallpapers with the "More Like This" section.
Save your favourite wallpapers for later. Arrange them into folders (collections).
Customize your experience with the site settings area. Choose thumbnails size/amount, purity, infinite scrolling and more...
It's just the beginning. There are many awesome features still in the making like an image editor, subscriptions and user profiles.